Hudson Pacific Team Members provide transactional, operational and financial execution and advisory solutions to emerging growth and mature companies.


Expertise: Strategic transitions, new business initiatives, accelerated growth plans, restructuring

and/or turnaround challenges.


Engagement Partners: Former CEO’s, COO’s, CIO’s and CFO’s with strategic, tactical and ground level specific industry experience who:

Leverage operational experience and domain knowledge to:
    • Deliver immediate tangible results,
    • Successfully navigate key company developmental inflection points,
    • Support intermediate and longer-term enterprise value accretion, and
    • Remain actively involved in every stage of the engagement.

Roles: Can work with and/or supplement the management team. Engagements can be in the background as an advisor/consultant or upfront filling an interim management position or serving on the Advisory Board or the Board of Directors. Roles can change depending on the company’s requirements and can also include assisting with raising capital.


Engagements: Can include business-consulting assignments to fill and/or supplement existing company resources such as:

  • Operations, supply chain and distribution
  • Strategic and tactical planning,
  • Business modeling and Budgeting,
  • Financial and tax planning and structuring,
  • Operational and Financial Risk Management,
  • Marketing and Business Development, and
  • IT and HR

Capital Raise: Providing assistance with funding. Hudson Pacific works with the entrepreneur/management team to develop critical success deliverables:

  • Generate compelling multiyear business plans,

  • Determine/confirm funding requirements,

  • Prepare clear, concise comprehensive presentations and targeted communications,

  • Identify and target investors/banks active in the relevant industry segment,

  • Coordinate with the lead investor,

  • Finalize financing roles, responsibilities, calendar, process and documentation, and

  • Add investors to fill out the financing round.

    Compensation: Depends on company’s needs and Hudson Pacific’s specific role and resources.

    • Construction: monthly retainer, project based or a combination.

    • Remuneration: cash or cash + equity.

    • Payment terms: 30 days, but can be staggered as the company achieves milestones. 

    • Capital raise: monthly retainer, success fee plus equity or combination.


     (Initial telephone consultation – no obligation)