Mr. Moore has a proven global record of innovation, leadership, and project management in real estate and facilities matters – real estate procurement, asset management and portfolio liquidation; environmental diligence and management of environmental, health and safety regulations; site selection, development, project management and value engineering of facilities projects; capital and maintenance budget preparation and management; management of building systems, energy and water conservation matters.


As Director, Facilities and Real Estate of Collins & Aikman Corporation, an automotive parts manufacturer with 120 facilitated in 15 countries, Mr. Moore managed a network of employees and contractors for real estate, maintenance and construction, completed an $80 MM supplier park manufacturing facility, achieved superior occupancy costs and savings from budget, raised $100 million from sale leaseback transactions, and achieved a 100% environmental compliance record.  As Director, Corporate Engineering of Collins & Aikman Corporation, he assisted in the diligence requirements for ten acquisitions with 75 manufacturing facilities, coordinated divestitures or shut down of 35 facilities, supervised the building of a new World Headquarters facility, and achieved $9 million (13%) annual energy savings with no capital expenditures.


Mr. Moore holds a Master of Science in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor of Science from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Tech).  He is a past member of the General Motors Purchasing Counsel Advisory Board, Chairman of the American Textile Manufacturing Institute (ATMI) Environmental Preservation Committee, and Chairman of the Carolina Utilities Customer Association’s (CUCA) Electrical Committee.